California Psychics Review


California Psychics is one of the oldest and most popular online psychic networks in America. In fact, you’ve likely seen them advertising via television, the radio, or in a magazine. Founded in 1995, California Psychics is celebrating its 20th Anniversary this year. If you’re wondering if you can get an authentic psychic reading from them, read on!

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Getting Started

Getting started with California Psychics is as simple as visiting! You can choose to set up a new account or sort through profiles for the hundreds of psychics listed on the website. And those listed have certainly earned it – California Psychics boasts that only one or two out of one hundred applicants qualify and get selected to join the team.

The website also has a helpful blog, daily horoscopes, and tons of videos about a wide variety of topics. If you’re still a bit apprehensive about using an online psychic, this information may be of use to you. There’s also a glossary and a FAQ so that you can learn about the lingo your psychic reader will use and information about how the website works.

After you feel comfortable and have set up a new account, you’re ready for a reading. There are typically around twenty psychics who are immediately available, but if you prefer one who is not online and available at the moment, it’s possible to leave a message for a future appointment.

Before getting started, you’ll need to fund your account. Don’t worry, as this is a standard procedure amongst online psychic networks. When you’re ready, you’ll receive a PIN number and an 800 number to call. California Psychics will take care of the rest – it’s really that simple!

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The psychic reading experts at California Psychics are helpfully grouped by specialty, including channeling, clairvoyant, dream analyst, and pet psychic. Next, you’ll be able to see what kind of advice a particular psychic concentrates on, including profession, love, or connecting with past lives. You’ll also find a few sentences written by the psychic about how he or she approaches the readings.

Interestingly, these profiles also provide a description that describes each individual psychic’s reading style. These include “straightforward”, for those who give direct advice that is not sugarcoated, and “compassionate”, which signifies a psychic who is a little gentler and empathetic.

How Much Does it Cost?

This may all sound great, but you’re probably wondering how much it’ll cost. Typically, California Psychics charges anywhere from $4 to $13 per minute. For this price, you get a reading from one of the most reliable online psychic networks out there. In other words, you are getting what you paid for!

California Psychics also offers some interesting deals from time to time. This includes special discounts around your birthday and its Karma Rewards program that rewards you for using their service.

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How Good are the Psychics?

Since 1995, California Psychics has distinguished itself by having some of the best psychics out there. It’s also provided a great deal of free value to its members, including newsletters, horoscopes, and daily advice. If you are not completely satisfied with your psychic when you call in, California Psychics will let you switch to a new one within the first few minutes at no extra cost.


California Psychics was one of the first networks to bring psychic readings to the Internet, and they’ve maintained their approach to quality and customer care over the years. The psychics are well trained and have passed a rigorous screening process just to make it there. If you’re looking for an authentic psychic reading, it’s worth giving California Psychics a try!

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